Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm finally starting my first Woolgirl sock club mailing (from October - I'm bad!). The pattern is called Waterfall, designed by Babs Ausherman, aka Miss Babs. The yarn is also Miss Babs, a lovely melding of blues, purples and a hint of aqua. It's sport weight, which is a switch for me, and really makes the sock knitting go quickly. Plus, it is the softest wool and feels lovely on my foot.

Now, I must say, I just love this sock club. Jen, of Woolgirl, is just the best. Her customer service is top notch and she sends each sock club mailing with the cutest little touches, including a custom stitch marker with every one, plus things like soap, lip gloss and even cute bags for toting your sock work around with you (photos to come on that one!). She sells the most beautiful, soft indie dyed yarns and there is always something fun to discover on her website.

I got gauge knitting the sock with size 3 dpns but after knitting the cuff and part of the top of the sock, I quickly realized it was coming out way too loose for my liking, so I frogged back and started over with size 2's. Also, I really had trouble with the cable cast-on being stretchy enough, so I opted for a double-stranded cast-on and I think I like it better functionally, even if the cable cast-on looks neater.

With one sock finished, I must say these are going to be a favorite pair of mine. They're a little slouchy and soft, perfect for wearing when you just want to be comfy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The extended shrug, adapted from the One-Skein Wonders book (Shrug This) is complete! I ended up frogging the first sleeve after I made it, as it didn't have any shaping and just looked loose and baggy. So, I figured out how much to decrease to get it to the tapered width I wanted and also added a few more inches in the length to make it a 3/4 length. I was nervous I would run out of yarn but I had just enough with a tiny ball of yarn left to spare!

One thing I learned in doing the decreases is that even though I did it on dpns, and decreased one stitch every other row, it would've been better to decrease 2 stitches on either side of my marker every 4th row, so that I had even decreases (The way I did it the decreases tended to work themselves around the sleeve a bit). Still, I am happy with how it turned out. I chose a pearly looking button and made a button closure by crocheting a little chain loop from where I cast on.

Also, the alpaca tends to stretch a bit where it hangs, and if I'd used another yarn that had a bit of wool or other fiber it probably would've retained its shape a bit better. Still, it is soft and warm and, though it is about zero degrees outside right now I am toasty and warm wearing it around the house!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Extended Shrug

I'm making this extended shrug from Misti Alpaca Chunky yarn in the natural cream colorway (100). The yarn is so soft and warm. The shrug pattern is from the One-Skein Wonders book - Shrug This pattern. I am making the body and sleeves longer, to extend it into a cropped cardigan. I got the idea from Cathy, the owner of Montoya Fiber Studio, a lys near where I live. I made the neck 5 rows of ribbing instead of 3. Also, I added 2 stitches to the body just underneath the armholes and also added 2 stitches when I picked up for the sleeves for more ease so it draped down rather than pinching in like the photo in the book.

This is my first raglan sweater and I just love how you can try it on as you go to be sure it is the right length and you like the fit. I had to keep putting it on scrap yarn so I could try it, which was a pain, but very worth it. I'm done with the body and nearly done with the first sleeve. I am really looking forward to wearing it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The bad blogger...

I have been such a bad blogger! I'll try to make up for it though. On the knitting scene I have just finished 2 more moss grid hand towels (from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book) for my son's voice teacher who just got married.

This time I knitted them on size 3's and I really like how the gauge turned out. I even had enough yarn to do all 12 pattern repeats. They are both knit from Euroflax Linen Sport Weight. The colorways are navy blue and sage. The blue one came out a little bit stiffer but I think it's because I partially dried it in the dryer and then blocked it. I threw the green one in the dryer and forgot about it, so when I took it out it wasn't as flat but it was softer than the blue one.

I have at least 3 more of these to make but I have to take a break and knit other things for awhile before I go crazy! Knitting with linen gives me hand cramps.